Transport and Directions to and from Tahiti Airport

Where is Tahiti?

map of tahiti

Map of Tahiti Island | Image Source:

When you get to the Tahiti Airport, you have several options in order to reach the accommodation that you have booked. From an original means of transportation entitled Le Truck, to taxis, car rentals and even helicopters, you are able to choose the transfer that suits your needs the most. Some alternatives are cheaper than others but it depends entirely on where you need to go in Tahiti and how you’d prefer to travel around while you’re there.

Taxi Services in Tahiti

You have the possibility of booking a taxi prior to getting to Tahiti Airport and you will be picked up directly from the airport by the driver who will have a sign with the company title, offering you a flower or shell lei to make you feel like one of the locals. The fare starts at $33 per car, depending on your destination.

It’s also important to know that the luggage assistance for more than 3 persons is going to be charged extra. There is also another private transfer just like a taxi but it is a shared kind of transportation because you will ride with other persons who have the same destination as you.

Rent a car at The Airport

It’s much more comfortable to drive your car around Tahiti because you can choose your itinerary and it is going to be much more exciting travelling in areas that are not always covered by taxis or other tourist means of transportation. You’ll be able to feel free on your holiday, as long as you can afford to hire a car from one of the companies available and some of them even have offices right at the airport. For more information go to Tahiti car rental.

Public Transport on Tahiti

Le Truck Transport

Le Truck is probably the most popular form of transportation not only in Tahiti but in all French Polynesia mainly because it is extremely cheap. Therefore, if you have planned a budget holiday then this is the perfect transfer alternative for you. The stop for Le Truck is close to Tahiti Airport, but you will have to walk through the parking lot in front of the airport, climb a few stairs and it will be on the right. You will have to inform the driver regarding your destination so he will know where to stop.

Tahiti Le Truck

At the moment, you will only find a few Le Truck vehicles available because the majority of them have been replaced with modern buses. The prices for rides within Pape’ete are around $1.60 and they rise up to over $2.50 after 6 pm.

Tahiti Ferry

You are also able to take a ferry from Pape’ete to the surrounding islands parts of the island. However, to get from the Tahiti Airport to the ferry you will have to take a bus and the station is across the road from the airport. You can check the schedule for the ferry here:

Helicopter Transfer

tahiti tours

Tahiti Island Tours by Helicopter | Image Source: The Tahiti Traveler

An original kind of transport is represented by helicopters which are able to take you to one of the islands that are part of the French Polynesia. The service is called Polynesia Helicopters and you can contact it at Tel.(689) 54.87.20, Fax (689) 54.87.21. You can take the helicopter directly from the Tahiti International Airport and explore islands Tupai, Moreea or Bora Bora.