Tahiti Travel Guide

tahiti french polynesia by air

Tahiti French Polynesia in Pacific Ocean by Air

Tahiti is the main island of the Society Island of French Polynesia, representing a popular tourist resort. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is one of the few islands where you can find unique black sand, which will make it even more interesting for you to go to the beach. There are also beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, wonderful landscapes and many activities that you can do and places to explore which are just going to surprise you.

Best Hotels in the Papeete

Tahiti all inclusive

It’s a good idea to check our hotel booking category in order to see which are the accommodations located nearby the Tahiti Airport. If you planned a budget holiday, you won’t have to invest a lot in the transport until the particular hotel you have chosen no matter which kind of transfer you decide on.

Things You Have to See in Tahiti

While being in Tahiti, there are several things that you shouldn’t miss out. Make sure that you visit the following locations upon your holiday in Tahiti and you are definitely going to have the best vacation in your life so far!

  1. Le Marché – You can’t miss out on this cool market where you can buy several original things such as a “pareau” – a traditional clothing item, Monoi oil, scented soaps, costumes for traditional dances or shell necklaces. This is the best place to get a glimpse of the Tahitian life, as well as purchasing souvenirs.
  2. Les Trois Cascades – Not one, but three different and amazing waterfalls that will leave you speechless.
  3. Pointe Venus Lighthouse – Here you can find the famous black sand beach that has made Tahiti famous. You are surely going to enjoy the contrast between the black sand and the clear, blue ocean and skies.
  4. To’ata – If you visit Tahiti in July, you definitely have to go there because you will see the traditional dances and hear the traditional music. There are also several small restaurants where you can taste some of the delicious local meals.

Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance

Traditional Tahitian dance

Bars and Restaurants

There are plenty of great places where you can eat while you’re in Tahiti. No matter if you are interested in the local, exotic dishes or you would like to indulge yourself in some of the local cuisine, here is a selection of some of the best places where you can eat and drink in Tahiti.

tahiti Restaurant

  • Papeete Roulottes – This restaurant is located in Vaiete, Papeete and it provides clients with delicious food, freshly cooked. It’s also important to mention that the service is excellent. You are able to get a taste of dishes from almost any International cuisine.
  • Le Coco’s – Here you can eat local Pacific Rim dishes, as well as foods from the French cuisine. Tourists have rated this on the first place at TripAdvisor.com.
  • The Lotus Restaurant – It can’t get better than this place in terms of cuisine, which consists mainly in French dishes.
  • Les Petits Ventres – If you want to try lobster ravioli, this is an excellent place to do so thanks to the amazing taste, verified by the satisfied tourists that went there before.