Tahiti Airport Guide

Airport Map

You can find a map of the Tahiti Airport on Google maps where you can also see photos.

tahiti international airport map

It’s very helpful to see exactly where the terminals are and the Arrivals and Departures lobbies. You are also going to know how to get around when you get at the Tahiti Airport and where the check-in bureau, bars and taxis are. There are five terminals and the second terminal holds the major part of the activity.


The Tahiti Airport provides an excellent relaxing place entitled the Mahina Lounge which is located close to the security area. Here you have various places where you can enjoy snacks and drinks such as the Fa’a’ā Cafe which is situated right when you enter the Mahina Lounge.

There are also various shops that you can purchase souvenirs from. You are also able to relax on one of the 50 purple lounge seats.

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

If you are interested in buying something nice for a friend or relative back home, you could pick out a very nice gift from the jewelry shop located inside the Mahina Lounge and you will be able to purchase Tahitian jewellery as well as a few clothing items.

tahiti airport terminal

Tahiti Airport Terminal | Image Source: Wikipedia

There are several souvenir shops where you can buy typical gifts such as magnets, T-shirts or magnets. At Tahiti Airport, you will find one of the five total McDonald’s that are available in French Polynesia.

Money Exchange

There is an ATM service available, located next to the Departures lobby, which is open even at night so if you catch a flight at a later hour, you are still going to be able to exchange money. The currency in Tahiti is represented by Central Pacific Franc. 1$ is around 95 CFP.

Tourist Information

Tahiti has a lot to offer and it’s important not to miss out on anything. To make sure you cover everything that any tourist should see while being in Tahiti, take a look at the Tahiti Island Guide that is available for you right here.

Car Rental

For more information regarding car rental services that have services directly at the Tahiti Airport or in close proximity with it, you should check out the link above.